Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser

Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser


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Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser


Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser
The Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser crushes uncoated pills into a powder. They can then be added to food or mixed in a drink, helping children and those with difficulty swallowing to receive essential medication.

Indications of the Pill Crusher and Dispenser
For many, pills can provide an essential health boost for existing illnesses, and can help to prevent others. However, swallowing the pills, whether as a daily practice or occasional requirement, can be difficult. The Pill Crusher and Dispenser utilises a screw action to crush uncoated pills down to turn it into a powder.

Once in its powdered form, pills can be administered in numerous ways, ensuring that those who require medication can receive it without worrying about the difficulty of swallowing it. This will be particularly useful for children and vulnerable patients, where swallowing may not only be difficult but also daunting.

Mixing Powder in Food and Drink
The powdered pills can be mixed into a drink for absorbing into the system, completely eliminating the need to swallow any sizeable medication. For those who would rather opt for something with a little more taste, the powder can also be mixed in with food, thus helping to mask the bitter taste that some pills can have.

Ideal for Travelling
The Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser is an ideal solution for carrying and administering pills when travelling or on the go. The upper section can be used to store the medication when it is not required, and it can then be turned into a drinking cup once the pills have been crushed into a powder.

Whether required for occasional use or as an essential accessory for easing the process of administering daily dosages, the Homecraft Pill Crusher and Dispenser can benefit many.

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