Homecraft Shatterproof Mug

Homecraft Shatterproof Mug


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Homecraft Shatterproof Mug

The Homecraft Shatterproof Mug has a large, smooth, easy to grip handle that allows greater control for individuals with limited grip or upper body movement. It is constructed from a durable, shatterproof material to avoid accidental breakage should it be knocked or drop, making it safe to use in all care environments.

Safety In Mind
Drinking from regular glasses or mugs can be tricky for anyone with physical impairment. Anyone with weak grip, limited hand movement, tremors or shakes can often lose control when handling glassware.

The Shatterproof Mug was developed with safety in mind, as the strong plastic construction avoids breakage should it ever be dropped, meaning that the risk of spills, trips and injuries is severely reduced.

Avoids Spills
The mug is easy to grip using the handle, and is supplied with two lids to provide users a choice of how to control their liquid intake. The spout lid helps with drinking, and the recessed lid avoids splashes or leaks. The mug is also helpful for carers, as they can easily monitor an individual's liquid consumption by the marked gradations on the side of the mug.

The mug is dishwasher safe and microwaveable, but the lids should be washed by hand in warm water.

Technical Specifications
Capacity: 400ml