Homecraft Two Handled Mug

Homecraft Two Handled Mug


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Homecraft Two Handled Mug

The popular Homecraft Two Handled Mug has large handles with finger-shaped indentations to allow users to have a firm grasp on it while drinking. It has been specially created to aid those suffering with both physical and mental disabilities, enabling them to maintain their independence and dignity for longer, while improving levels of nutrition and hydration. It is supplied with two lids for a choice of how liquid is consumed.

Allows Firm Hold
The Two Handled Mug by Homecraft was developed with ease of use and comfort in mind, particularly for individuals that suffer from restricted hand movement, tremors, shakes and for users who can?t sit upright. The curved indents on the handles allow users to hold onto the mug firmly, even if they do not have a strong grip.

Controlled Liquid Consumption
The mug comes with two lids to provide users a choice in how to control their liquid intake. The spout lid helps regulate the flow of liquid intake, while the recessed lid avoids splashes or leaks.

It is also a useful mug for carers, as they can easily monitor an individual's liquid consumption by the marked gradations at the side of the mug. The mug is safe to clean in the dishwasher, however the lids should be washed by hand in warm soapy water.

Technical Specifications
Capacity: 270ml