HurryCane Walking Stick (Purple)

HurryCane Walking Stick (Purple)


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HurryCane Walking Stick (Purple)

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HurryCane Walking Stick (Purple)
The HurryCane Walking Stick is designed to outperform all other canes, with three supportive feet that pivot on a moving head to provide ideal support at any angle. Designed to bring the traditional cane into the 21st century, the HurryCane allows you to sit, rise or lean – all without worrying about your cane slipping out from under you!

SteadiGrip Base for Stability
While typical canes and walking sticks include one foot at the base, the HurryCane features three – allowing it to make more contact with the ground at all times for unrivalled stability. These feet are made with textured grooves, which provide them with great grip on the ground to provide traction on virtually any terrain. Designed to avoid skidding at any angle, these feet allow the HurryCane to outperform standard canes in terms of grip.

Steadigrip base pivots to keep three feet on the ground
The HurryCane's base pivots 360° to support you at all angles

Key Features and Benefits
Lightweight cane with a pivoting base for stability at any angle
WhisperFlex base is equipped with three feet for traction on any terrain
SteadiGrip feet with three points of contact for excellent balance
Silent pivoting movement is designed to move with you as you walk
Base pivots 360° to allow a full range of movement
Freestanding design supports you while standing and sitting
Adjustable with eight height settings between 77.5cm and 95cm (30.5 - 37.5")
Shock-absorbing comfort-fit handle provides comfort and control
Made with a lightweight anodised aluminium shaft for easy carrying
Freedom Edition pack includes convenient wrist strap and carry bag
Folding design allows easy and compact storage
Weight capacity of 159kg (25 stone) is suitable for most users
Are Other Colours Available?
Yes, the HurryCane is available in the following three additional colours:

WhisperFlex Base Pivots for Balance at Any Angle
When standing up from a sitting position, most canes will lose some of their grip with the ground, causing them to skid or slip out from under you. The HurryCane's base pivots so that pressure is centralised at any angle, allowing you to rely on your cane for support with peace of mind. This, coupled with the freestanding design, makes the HurryCane excellent for providing support while moving from a sitting to a standing position.

Foldable and Adjustable
The HurryCane places convenience first, which is why it features eight height adjustments and can be folded easily for storage. Folded down completely, the cane is just 35cm in height, allowing you to store it away in the included carry bag for when it's needed most.

Adjustable with eight heights for convenience
With eight height adjustments, the HurryCane is suitable for virtually any user

Shock-Absorbing Handle
To ensure the HurryCane is comfortable for use all day long, the handle provides a shock-absorbing effect to spare your hands shock from the jarring impact with the ground. Providing excellent grip and control, this handle is easy and pleasant to hold for all-day use.

How Do I Replace the HurryCane's Feet?
Spare Feet are available for your HurryCane if the feet supplied with your cane are worn down, and it's simple to remove them using a Phillips head screwdriver. For detailed instructions and a diagram showing how to remove your HurryCane's feet, click the PDF link below.

How to Remove Your HurryCane's Feet
How to Remove the Feet of the Hurrycane
What If I Need a Spare Wrist Strap?
Without removing the feet of the HurryCane, it can be difficult to attach a new wrist strap. We recommend using the Plaited Leather Walking Stick Wrist Loop, as it features a press stud, or snap fastener, that can fit around all sizes of walking stick.