IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding

IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding


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IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding

The IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding is a washable incontinence protection to be placed on the bed and over existing bed equipment. It fits beautifully on any of the WendyLett or TurnSheet range. The IncoSheet is available in several sizes, including a size with wings and another that fits a wheelchair cushion. The material is highly absorbent and distributes fluids over a large area.

Dry and Comfortable to Sit On
Incontinence can be an issue for patients with limited to severely reduced mobility, as they are not able to get out of bed without assistance. This means that accidents can happen, which makes lying in bed uncomfortable for the user.

The fabric on the top of the IncoSheet makes the surface always feel dry and comfortable to sit or lay on. The rough fabric on the reverse side not only prevents moisture from transferring onto the mattress, but also allows the sheet to remain in place when used in bed or in a wheelchair, ensuring that it doesn't slide out beneath the patient.

Features of the IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding
The surface is soft and yielding to provide highest comfort
Super-absorbent material absorbs body fluids
A moisture barrier on the reverse side prevents moisture from being transferred to the sheet and mattress
Contains a rough, high-friction material on the back to keep the sheet from sliding
Available in four different sizes including a size for wheelchairs
How Large is the IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding?
The IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding is available to buy in for different sizes depending on needs:

Size Measurement (cm) Measurement (Inches)
Single 75 x 90cm 30" x 36"
Single with Wings 75 x 200cm 30" x 80"
Double 75 x 150cm 30 x 60"
Wheelchair 40 x 83cm 16 x 33.2"
Care Instructions for the IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding
The IncoSheet Incontinence Bedding should be washed in 90°C water and tumble-dried at low to medium temperature (approximately 45-50°C). Do not use rinse/fabric softener and avoid tumble-drying at high temperatures for optimal service life. The IncoSheet should also not be ironed.