Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion

Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion


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Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion

The Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion is a blow-up cushion that helps to redistribute your body weight over the ischial tuberosity (the sitting bones) to reduce pressure on the perineum (pelvic floor) when sitting. It can be used to minimise pressure on haemorrhoids, reduce post-natal discomfort, or relieve post-operative pain or lower back pain. Inflatable by mouth, this doughnut cushion is convenient to use and ideal for improving sitting comfort while travelling.

Features and Benefits of the Inflatable Ring Cushion
PVC doughnut cushion
External diameter of 457mm
Relieves pressure when sitting for better comfort
Reduces the occurrence of bed sores
Inflates by mouth for greater convenience
Inflation is variable for customisable comfort
More durable than rubber ring cushions
Suede-like feel to enhanced comfort
Ideal for use when travelling
Durable And Resistant
The Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion is made from PVC with flannel flocking. PVC ring cushions are a superior choice to rubber cushions because they are far more resistant to temperature and sunlight than rubber, and less prone to drying out and cracking. Other benefits of being rubber-free are that the PVC Ring Cushion won't stick to your skin and is free from the toxic odours that often emanate from rubber products.

Soft and Comfortable
The PVC Ring Cushion is covered with a suede-like flannel material, which gives it a soft and luxurious feel. Comfort can further be enhanced by varying the inflation level of the cushion. Simply blow it up as much or as little as you like for customised comfort.

Uses for the Inflatable PVC Ring Cushion
This doughnut cushion can be used to relieve pressure on:

A fractured coccyx
Perennial tears
Anal fissures
Anal tears
It can be used to ease:

Tailbone pain
Perennial pain
Coccyx pain
Pelvic floor pain
Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)
Pain caused by prostatitis
The PVC Ring Cushion is also a fantastic aid for reducing pressure and relieving pain after procedures such as vaginal surgery, haemorrhoid surgery, rectal surgery, perennial surgery, prostate biopsy and prostatectomy, as well as to enhance comfort after child birth.

Dimensions of the PVC Ring Cushion
This inflatable cushion has an external diameter of 457mm.