Roche Urisys 1100 Urine Analyser

Roche Urisys 1100 Urine Analyser


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Roche Urisys 1100 Urine Analyser

Urisys 1100 Urine Analyzer is a compact, semi-quantitative analyzer for one-at-a-time test strip evaluation. Simple operation and flexible software options make Urisys 1100 the ideal choice for medical practices, small laboratories and hospital wards seeking a cost-effective way to improve standardization of urinalysis measurement.

The urine test strip is placed in the insertion slot on a sliding tray. A stepping motor moves it under the reading head. The analyzer reads the reference pad, followed by each of the test pads on the strip. Results can be transferred via a current-loop serial interface to a PC or network computer or offline to a printer. Positive results are flagged, making them immediately recognizable. For feeding in of paper, just insert it, close the printer cover, and the instrument does the rest.
For fast, standardized results

Urisys 1100 stores up to 100 results in memory. Results are printed as single (conventional, SI, arbitrary) or combined (conv./arb. or SI/arb.) units. Urisys 1100 automatically corrects the results of the Specific Gravity test in strongly alkaline urine samples and compensates dark intrinsic urine colour *.

Easy and reliable patient identification through an optional barcode reader or a PC/PC keyboard is also possible.

The all-over measurement cycle takes only 70 seconds, allowing approximately 50 tests per hour.