Invacare Aquatec 90000 Toilet Seat Raiser

Invacare Aquatec 90000 Toilet Seat Raiser


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Invacare Aquatec 90000 Toilet Seat Raiser

Perfect for people with limited mobility, the Aquatec 90000 Toilet Seat Raiser comes with the option of three different seat heights, making it convenient for the individual user's needs. If you have trouble rising from or lowering to a standard toilet seat, the Aquatec 90000 allows an easier way to use the bathroom.

Features of the Aquatec 90000 Toilet Seat Raiser
The Aquatec 90000 enables the user to pick the right seat height to suit their needs. It is available in either a two, four or six inch seat height.

The toilet seat raiser has armrests to provide additional support for the user. This is specifically useful for transitioning between standing and sitting, there to provide a steadying aid for those who need it. The armrests are smooth and easy to grip and also have the ability to swing away, meaning they can be positioned in the best place to suit the user.

The toilet seat and lid for the Aquatec 900000 can be unclipped from the base. The seat can be detached, making it ideal for travel or moving – no tools are required to detach the seat from the base.

How Do I Use the Invacare 90000 Toilet Seat Raiser?
Full user instructions can be found in the PDF link below:

Click Here for User Instructions
Click above for user instructions
Technical Details
The Aquatec 90000 consists of the following measurements (full dimensions are below):

Seat Width: 365mm
Seat Length: 390mm
Weight: ranges from 4.4kg - 3.6kg depending on the seat depth
Available Seat Depths: 2cm, 6cm and 10cm (
The Aquatec 90000 has a load capacity of 150kg (23 stone).