Jantex Large Extra Heavy Duty Black Bin Bags 120Ltr (Pack of 100)

Jantex Large Extra Heavy Duty Black Bin Bags 120Ltr (Pack of 100)


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Jantex Large Extra Heavy Duty Black Bin Bags 120Ltr (Pack of 100)

These Jantex extra-heavy duty bin bags are made from 100% recycled polythene, whilst maintaining an extra-heavy duty construction. These black bin bags are perfect for storing waste in bins with a tear and puncture resistant design that ensures food and general waste does not pierce the bag. These CHSA accredited bags are delivered flat packed for easy storage.

What Can Go In Black Bin Bags?

Black bin bags are made to hold general waste, also known as 'residual waste'. This type of waste includes:

- Contaminated Food Packaging

- Polystyrene

- Tissues

- Floor Sweepings

- Sweet Wrappers and Crisp Packets

Can Black Bin Bags Be Recycled?

Technically, black bin bags can be recycled in some recycling centres. However, as they're coloured with carbon black pigments, the infrared technology used to sort plastics in materials recovery facilities are unable to detect them. Because of this, these black bin bags should not be sent for recycling unless agreed with your waste management provider.

Are Bin Bags Food-Safe?

Most bin bags, including these from Jantex, are not food-safe. This is because it's not possible to guarantee the level of contamination present in the scrap polythene used to make these recycled polythene bags. As such, you should always store food in a bag that's marked as 'Food Safe'.

Product features

  • Capacity 120Ltr | 20kg
  • Dimensions 508(FW) x 864(OW) x 1168(L)mm | 20 x 34 x 46"
  • Material Recycled Polythene
  • Weight 6.5kg
  • Colour Black
  • CHSA accredited
  • Flat packed
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Extra heavy duty. Maximum weight capacity: 20kg
  • Face Width: 508mm | 20"
  • Open Width: 864mm | 34"
  • Length: 1168mm | 46"
  • These polythene bin bags can be recycled
  • Check with your waste management service first before sending these bags for recycling