Linido Shower Seat

Linido Shower Seat


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Linido Shower Seat

The Linido Shower Seats are a stylish, reinforced nylon shower seat that looks stylish in virtually any setting. This seat is available in 3 versions: a basic seat, a seat with a backrest or as a seat with backrest and armrests, all of these seats will fold neatly against the wall for other shower users. The armrests swivel independently to enable side transfers and are also useful for standing or lowering, and to offer security during showering.

The Linido Shower Seat is available with an optional blue cushion is easy to secure to any of the three seats using the hook and loop fixings. ti provides a softer surface for sensitive skin or enables longer use of the seat. Another additional option is the optional legs to provide additional support.

How large is the Linido Shower Seat
The dimensions of the Linido Shower Seat is as follows:

Seat Height: 220mm
Seat Width: 425mm
Total Width: 485mm
Seat Depth: 405mm
Total Distance from wall:

Folded Distance from wall: 140mm
How much weight can the Linido Shower Seat support
The Linido Shower Seat can support a user weight of 150kg or 23.5st