Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid

Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid


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Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid

The Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid has unique handle bars which encourage clients to push down in order to stand.

The Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid features a height and width adjustable shin pad and powered raising, lowering and leg opening facility.

The Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid allows nursing and care staff to manoeuvre, toilet and change a persons clothing quickly and without the need to manually lift, so reducing the risk of back injury associated with such tasks, It also assists people to stand, thus promoting rehabilitation and circulation through the body.

How to use the Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid

  • Leg Opening - To open the legs of the kelly stand press the leg open button on the hand control or on the battery compartment. The legs can be set in any position depending on how long the button is held for. To close the legs press the leg close button on the hand control or on the battery compartment. When the legs are either fully open or fully closed they will stop automatically. 
  • Brakes - The rear castors are fitted with brakes which stop the kelly stand from moving. To operate the brakes, press on the brake pedal, using the ball of the foot To unlock, push the brake pedal upwards. 
  • Standing - Select a suitable sling, Assess the height of the patient in his or her chair and adjust the height of the attachment point (karabiner) using hand controller. Adjust the width of the legs to fit round the clients chair using the leg opening button on the hand controller and position the kelly stand. Place the patients feet on the foot plate. Attach the sling to the karabiner, using the hand control take up the weight by pressing the up button on the hand control. Make sure the sling is correctly fitted, i.e. not twisted or the wrong length, and the client comfortable. Continue lifting until the client is clear of the chair. The kelly stand can now be moved to the transfer point i.e. chair or commode. Keep all movements as smooth as possible to make the client feel safe and secure. The legs can be adjusted if necessary to pass though a doorway. To place the client back in the chair reverse the procedure. The remote hand control allows the attendant to stand in a good position for repositioning the client in their chair
  • Moving the kelly stand - Always make sure the brakes are off, when moving the kelly stand. Try to pull the kelly stand (rather than push), either in a circular motion by pulling sideways on one handle, or backwards by pulling on both handles. 

Which Sling is Compatible?

The Locomotor Kelly Patient Standing Aid is best suited for use with the Stander Sling for Standing Aids. This can be added to your order by using the drop down menu near the top of the page, or purchased separately by clicking the link above. For sizing information, click the PDF link below:

    Dimensions and Specifications of the Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid

    Standards BS5724 Class 2 (Electrical Components) 
    Safe Working Load 203kg (32 Stones)
    Tested Capacity 220kg 
    Minimum Internal Width 554mm (21.8")
    Minimum External Width 605mm (23.8")
    Maximum Internal Width 900mm (35.4")
    Maximum External Width 951mm (37.4")
    Maximum Internal Length 840mm (33.0”)
    Maximum External Length 1066mm (42.0")
    Standing Range 1200mm (47.3")
    Height of Base 130mm (5.1")
    Minimum Clearance 25mm (1.0")
    Front Castor Diameter 100mm (4.0")
    Front Castor Width 60mm (2.3")
    Rear Braked Castor Diameter 100mm (4.0")
    Rear Braked Castor Width 60mm (2.3")
    Turning Radius 635mm (25.0")
    Weight of Chassis Section 17.5kg (38.5 lbs)
    Weight of Mast Section 18.0kg (39.6 lbs) 
    Weight of Battery 1.9kg (4.2 lbs) 

    Electrical Technical Specifications of the Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid

    24 Volt plug in electrical power source type B

    Charger Output Voltage 27.5V DC 500 mA Max
    Charger Input Voltage 220V - 240V 50 Hz
    Plug Top Fuse 1-5 Amp
    Electric Shock Protection Class II Internal power equipment
    Degree of Shock Protection Type B
    Mode of Operation 10% Intermittent duty
    Battery 24v DC Rechargeable sealed lead acid gel type
    Battery Capacity 2 AH 

    Fully charged, new batteries will offer up to 30 average cycles. However, regular charging is recommended.

    A low battery warning audible device is fitted, as is an audible overload warning device.

    The actuator of the Locomotor Kelly Stand Patient Standing Aid is fitted with a safety nut and anti crush disengagement device and manual emergency lowering device.