Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley for Physiotherapy

Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley for Physiotherapy


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Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley for Physiotherapy

The Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley for Physiotherapy comes with all the versatility of the Lojer Speed Pulley but with greater mobility. This makes it ideal for situations when space is limited or when wall space cannot be used for attaching equipment, as well as for when treatment or physiotherapy is to be carried out in wards.

Key Features of the Mobile Speed Pulley

  • Adjustable speed of movement for a diverse treatment
  • Four centrally lockable castors make it great for situations when space is limited
  • Features a 50kg covered weight stack
  • It enables assisted or resistance-based walking or running
  • Allows smaller increments in resistance, perfect for precise therapy planning
  • Weight stack covered with steel casing for safety
  • The height of the pulling handle and the length of the cord can be adjusted in 5cm increments
  • CE-marked equipment

Versatile and Movable

The Lojer Mobile Speed Pulley comes with four centrally lockable castors that make it ideal for clinics with limited training space or when the rehabilitation process takes place in private rooms. At the same time, its reduced height and extended base of support provide stability when the pulley is being used. 

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