Medline Invisishield Urological Drape (Pack of 40)

Medline Invisishield Urological Drape (Pack of 40)


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Medline Invisishield Urological Drape (Pack of 40)

Medline's Invisishield Surgical Drapes are transparent so that clinicians can easily see theatre equipment and the area around incision sites. Their impervious, tear-resistant material provides exceptional protection and offers superb drapability. All Invisishield products are latex-free and sterile unless otherwise stated.

The Medline Invisishield Urological Drape (Pack of 40) a surgical drape featuring a latex-free finger cot. The Urological Drape can be used for gynaecological and urological procedures, as well as TUR. With a strong, low-glare matte film and a tear-resistant release liner, the Urological Drape is a robust and reliable product suitable for intensive surgical use.

Uses of the Urological Drape

The Invisishield Urological Drape is best suited for use with the following surgeries:

  • TUR
  • Urology
  • Gynaecology

Key Features of the Medline Invisishield Ophthalmic Incise Drape

  • Strong adhesive with no residue
  • Latex-free finger cot
  • Strong, low-glare matte-finish film
  • Non-linting, tear-resistant, waxy paper release liner


  • Full: 60cm x 91cm (24" x 36")
  • Adhesive only: 60cm x 5cm (24" x 2")
  • Finger cot adhesive only: 10cm O.D. x 3cm I.D. (4" O.D. x 1.25" I.D.)