Medline Ultra Virus Protection Face Mask with Eye Shield (Pack of 25)

Medline Ultra Virus Protection Face Mask with Eye Shield (Pack of 25)


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Medline Ultra Virus Protection Face Mask with Eye Shield (Pack of 25)

Medline Ultra Virus Protection Face Mask with Eye Shield (Pack of 25)

Designed for protection against viruses for the mouth and eyes, the Medline Ultra Virus Protection Face Mask with Eye Shield can be used in medical procedures to reduce the risk of infection. Featuring a fluid-resistant design and integrated eye shield, the Medline Virus Protection Mask offers great protection against bacteria and micro-organisms.

What's Included?

  • 25 x Individual Face Masks

Who Can Use the Medline Virus Protection Face Mask with Eye Shield?

Designed to be both comfortable and effective, the Medline Masks are great for a number of different scenarios, including:

  • Use in hospitals for procedures
  • Use in other medical facilities (such as GP offices)
  • General protection against the spread of viruses

Please note that these masks are NOT surgical masks and cannot be used for surgical procedures.

Fluid Resistant Design

The Medline Ultra Face Mask is not only designed to protect against airborne particles, it also includes fluid-resistance. This has been tested to EN Standard 14683, giving you peace of mind that the masks will protect you when needed.

Integrated Eye Shield Included

While many people are aware of the danger of germs entering the mouth or nose, fewer people are aware that viruses can also spread through contact with the eyes. Each of these masks includes a glare-resistant eye shield that increases protection when compared to a traditional face mask.

How Comfortable is the Medline IIR Face Mask?

While each mask has a bacterial filtration rate of 99.4%, the materials used ensure that the masks allow for easy and comfortable breathing. The masks include ear loops to allow for comfortable and secure wear over a longer period of time.

What is the Medline Ultra Virus Face Mask Made From?

  • Interior: Thermal-bonded polypropylene
  • Exterior: Spunbound polypropylene

Technical Specifications

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: 99.4%
  • Differential Pressure: 36.92 (Pa/cm²)
  • Splash Resistance (kPa): 21kPa
  • Splash Resistance (mmHg): 160mmHg
  • EN 14683 Type: IIR

What is EN 14683?

EN 14683 is the European standard that governs medical face masks – there are three levels of efficacy tested:

  • Type I (the least effective)
  • Type II
  • Type IIR (the most effective)

These masks meet Type IIR, meaning that they are classified as some of the most effective for bacterial filtration and splash protection available.