Merlin Medical First Response Kit

Merlin Medical First Response Kit


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Merlin Medical First Response Kit

The Merlin Medical First Response Kit is a comprehensive emergency kit that contains a range of products for healthcare professionals to provide unexpected and necessary emergency treatment anywhere, anytime. Packed inside an attractive, lightweight and durable medical bag, this emergency response kit contains a uniquely wide selection of high-quality, essential medical tools and equipment.

Features of the Merlin Medical First Response Kit
Comprehensive emergency kit
Contained within a durable and practical bag
Includes a range of essential products
Available with re-usable or disposable resuscitation bags
Is the Medical Bag High Quality?
The bag itself is of high-quality, practical and durable construction. It features reflective strips for greater visibility and a paramedic's satchel style design, with a robust handle and shoulder strap. The bag also comes with a front window for quick access to an oxygen cylinder (not included).

What Options Are Available?
There are two options available for response kit:

Merlin Medical First Response Kit with autoclavable, reusable resuscitators
Merlin Medical First Response Kit with silicone, disposable resuscitators
Please select your preference from the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

What Is Included in the Merlin Medical First Response Kit?
3 x Merlin Medical resuscitators in adult, child and infant sizes (either reusable or disposable)
1 x Res-Q-Vac emergency hand-held aspirator (with adult and paediatric attachments)
7 x Guedal airways (sizes 000 - 4)
1 x Laryngoscope handle
4 x Macintosh blades (sizes 1-4)
1 x Merlin Medical e-mask
2 x Magill endotracheal forceps (one of each, adult and child sizes)
1 x Spencer Wells forceps 5" straight
1 x Tough cut scissors
1 x 5" dressing scissors
1 x Sharps bin
1 x Aerosol therapy set with mask
1 x Emergency foil blanket
4 x Cuffed ET tubes (sizes 5.5mm, 7.5mm, 8mm and 8.5mm)
1 x Accident hammer
1 x Tytan Sprague stethoscope
1 x Quick release tourniquet
6 x Disposable pen torches
3 x Pairs of nitrile gloves (sizes small, medium and large)
1 x Solution giving set
Who Is This Emergency Kit For?
While its wide range of emergency response equipment and lightweight, mobile design make this the perfect response kit for a paramedic, the equipment contained within it is indispensable to a larger number of medical professionals. It contains all the equipment, for instance, that a school nurse might need when responding to an unexpected accident.

Is This Medical Kit Compact?
For the huge selection of vital medical equipment contained in this emergency response kit it is very compact. It is the size of a regular satchel and can either be worn with a shoulder strap or held by its sturdy handle.

What Kind of Emergency Response Is This Kit Designed For?
The remarkable spread of equipment included with this set makes it ideal for a wide range of emergency care. For this reason it is perfect for paramedics. It includes the specific, high-quality tools you need to provide the best quality care at a moment's notice.

How Are the Reusable Resuscitators Cleaned?
In order to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination the reusable resuscitators must be sterilised between uses. This should be carried out with an autoclave.