MIC-KEY Extension Set Bolus - Pack of 5

MIC-KEY Extension Set Bolus - Pack of 5


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MIC-KEY Extension Set Bolus - Pack of 5

MIC-KEY extension set bolus ENFit port with clamp

Product Summary

MIC-KEY* Extension Sets

Introducing our new, unique enteral feeding connector _ ENFit»

The connectors on the end of MIC-KEY* extension sets and non-low profile enteral feeding tubes, syringes, administration sets and enteral accessories have changed. The intention of the new enteral connection standard called ENFit is to improve safety by preventing the potentially harmful misconnection of enteral delivery systems with other fluid delivery systems used in healthcare.

ñPush & Twistî To achieve a secure connection _ Only use Halyard Health, MIC-KEY Extension Sets with MIC-KEY G-Tubes, to maintain the warranty on the MIC-KEY G-Tube.

For bolus feeding: Connect the large volume ENFit syringe to the MIC-KEY Extension Set by pushing firmly and twisting clockwise.

Wide bore tubing _ Allows hydration or bolus feeding with a female ENFit syringe
Available in two lengths _ 12inch and 24inch

Product Components

Introducer Kit Contents
4 x Saf-T-Pexy T-fasteners
1 x Forceps
1 x 18G safety introducer needle
1 x 0.035inch J-tipguidewire
1 x No 11 safety scalpel
1 x Serial dilator
2 x 12ml Syringes
1 x Over-the-wire stoma measuring device

Technical Info

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 5