MIC-KEY Gastrostomy (G) Feeding Tube

MIC-KEY Gastrostomy (G) Feeding Tube


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MIC-KEY Gastrostomy (G) Feeding Tube

MIC-KEY G Tube with 2 x extension sets and 2 x ENFit compatible syringes

Product Summary

The most trusted gastrostomy feeding tube

MIC-KEY* G-Tubes are designed for the delivery of enteral nutrition, medication and fluids to the stomach via a primary or pre-existing gastrostomy stoma for children and adults

Sits at skin level _ Low profile so easy to conceal for greater device discretion
Radiopaque striping _ Allows clear fluoroscopic visualisation during initial placement
High performing anti-reflux valve _ Prevents backflow of gastric contents
Recessed atraumatic tip _ Prevents irritation of the opposite stomach wall and allows the balloon to invert within the shaft of the tube reducing discomfort on removal
Tapered distal tip matching tube size _ Allows easy, atraumatic insertion without stiffener

Robust design
Whilst soft and comfortable, the design of the external bolster reduces the rocking motion which avoids stomal funnelling, supports uniform, symmetrical stoma development and reduces complications

Product Components

How to measure the stoma tract and select the
right sized MIC-KEY Button
1. Lubricate the stoma measuring device with aqueous lubricant.
2. Place the patient in the prone position for first stoma measurement.
3. Advance the measuring device into the stoma. Note likely size of stoma length when deciding how far to push the measuring device into the stoma.
4. Inflate the balloon with 5ml of water.
5. Pull the measuring device gently upwards until it stops and advance the disc to external stomach wall.
6. Read above the disc for shaft length.
7. If possible, place patient into sitting position and measure the stoma length again.
8. Take an average of the two measurements or use the longer measurement if appropriate.
9. Select appropriate size of MIC-KEY* Button from this table.

Technical Info

UOI Units: Each

UOI: 1