MIC-KEY Transgastric Jejunal (TJ) Feeding Tubes

MIC-KEY Transgastric Jejunal (TJ) Feeding Tubes


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MIC-KEY Transgastric Jejunal (TJ) Feeding Tubes

Low profile jejunal button device kit with 2 x extension sets and 2 x ENFit compatible syringes

Product Summary

MIC* & MIC-KEY* Transgastric Jejunal feeding tubes are designed for the delivery of enteral nutrition to the small bowel via a primary or pre-existing gastrostomy stoma

Available in 14Fr and 18Fr sizes _ For primary insertion using MIC-KEY Introducer Kit or via an existing stoma in children and smaller adults.
Reduces blockages and improved flow _ Larger lumen than standard PEGJ tubes. Specific To MIC TJ
Accurate fit _ Wide range of French gauge sizes and stoma lengths
Trimmable length _ Trimmable jejunal length to achieve desirable tube position

The low profile MIC-KEY TJ Tube is discreet and comfortable (clearly labelled Jejunal to differentiate from MIC-KEY G Feeding tubes)
Introducer cannula _ Used to protect the anti-reflux valve when using guidewire placement. Specific To MIC-KEY T

Product Components

MIC-KEY TJ Kit contents:
1 x MIC-KEY TJ-tube
1 x Introducer cannula
1 x MIC-KEY Standard Extension Set with SECUR-LOK right angle connector and 2 ENFit feeding connectors with closure cap and clamp _ 12inch/30cm length
1 x MIC-KEY Bolus Extension Set with ENFit feeding connector, SECUR-LOK Straight Connector and Clamp _ 12inch/30cm length
1 x 6ml Luer-slip syringe
1 x 35ml female ENFit syringe
4 x Gauze pads

Technical Info

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