Micro+ Smokerlyzer

Micro+ Smokerlyzer


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Micro+ Smokerlyzer

The Most Comprehensive CO Monitor - with the ability to analyse breath samples for adults and adolescents
Automatic Conversion to Feotal %COHb - simple one-touch control
Chart Progress - through the quitting process
Motivational Tool - to assist in smoking cessation programs and to highlight the dangers of smoking during pregnancy
Custom Profiles - for smokers who are difficult to motivate
Clear Colour LCD Display - with touch screen controls
View Results on screen - in a graph or table format
Internal Memory - for up to 10 patients with results
Package includes: - Micro+ Smokerlyzer, canvas carry bag, 10 D-pieces, 50 cardboard mouthpieces, Codata+ software, batteries and instructional manual


Readings are available in COppm and %COHb, instantly converted to foetal%COHb
Adjustable breath-hold timer for patients unable to hold their breath
Adult, adolescent and custom profile settings
Low sensitivity to hydrogen and alcohol - ensures accuracy of results
Anti-bacterial filter and one-way valve for improved infection control
Built-in maintenance reminders


Low cost, quick reliable testing
The only monitor you will need for all your testing needs
Instant results indicator with green, amber, red traffic light system
Easy to calibrate, even by non technical staff
Maximum reading held on display


Concentration range: 0 - 250 ppm (in 1 ppm increments)
Detection principle: electrochemical sensor
Accuracy: +/- 2%
Batteries: 3 x AA (LR6) alkaline
Operating temperature: 0 - 40?C
Sensor Life: 2-5 years (6 month warranty)
Warranty: 2 years
Dimensions: 44 x 77 138 mm
Weight: 250g

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