Microlife WatchBP Home S (AFIB) Daily Blood Pressure Monitor

Microlife WatchBP Home S (AFIB) Daily Blood Pressure Monitor


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Microlife WatchBP Home S (AFIB) Daily Blood Pressure Monitor

TheÊMicrolife WatchBP Home S Daily Blood Pressure MonitorÊis a home blood pressure monitor that screens for atrial fibrillation (AFIB). The Microlife WatchBP Home S is recommended by leading medical societies, in particular for its early detection of AFIB, a significant cause of stroke and death.

What Are the Features of the Microlife WatchBP Home S (AFIB) Daily Blood Pressure Monitor?

  • Suitable for hypertensive patients with or without diabetes, coronary heart disease, or chronic kidney disease
  • Features a "going-to-doctor" symbol, which reminds the user to perform a visit to the doctor
  • Includes a large, easy-to-read screen display with clear number readouts
  • Both lightweight and compact to facilitate convenient storage

What Conditions Can the WatchBP Home S Daily Blood Pressure Monitor Detect?

As well as giving blood pressure readouts, this daily blood pressure monitor issues risk factor warnings. It is able to detect high blood pressure and AFIB, and features an animated alert to remind patients if they need to visit a GP.

What Is AFIB?

Atrial fibrillationÊÐ shortened to AFIBÊÐ is a heart condition where the heart rate becomes irregular and sometimes very fast. While a normal heart rate sits between 60 and 100 bpm, the heart rate of those suffering from AFIB can be much greater than 100bpm. It is caused by abnormal contractions of the atria, which prevent the heart muscle from relaxing properly between contractions.

AFIB makes it hard for the body to control the rhythm of its heart, and can greatly reduce its efficiency and performance. It can cause a range of problems including dizziness, shortness of breath, tiredness and heart palpitations.

How Accurate Is This Device at Detecting AFIB?

The AFIB algorithm used by the Microlife WatchBP has been independently clinically tested. The results show the device as detecting AFIB in patients with over 97% certainty.

What Are the Technical Specifications of the Microlife WatchBP Home S (AFIB) Daily Blood Pressure Monitor?

  • Operating temperature: 10¡C to 40¡C / 50¡F to 104¡F
  • Storage temperature: -20¡C to +55 ¡C / -4¡F to +131 ¡F
  • Operating humidity: 15% to 90%
  • Storage humidity: 15% to 90%
  • Weight (including batteries): 412g
  • Dimensions: 154 x 94 x 40mm
  • Measuring procedure: oscillometric, corresponding to the Korotkoff method (phase I systolic, phase V diastolic)
  • Blood pressure measurement range: 30 to 280mmHg
  • Pulse measurement range: 40 to 200 bpm
  • Display range: 0 to 299mmHg
  • Display resolution: 1mmHg
  • Static accuracy: pressure withinÊ ±3mmHg or 2% of the reading above 200mmHg
  • Pulse accuracy:ʱ5% of the readout value
  • Power source: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries or optional mains adaptor (DC 6V, 600 mA)

Which Standards Does This Blood Pressure Monitor Conform To?

This device meets the requirements of the following non-invasive blood pressure monitor standards:

  • EN 1060-1
  • EN 1060-3
  • EN 1060-4
  • IEC 60601-1
  • IEC 60601-1-2