MiniLift 160 Standing Aid

MiniLift 160 Standing Aid


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MiniLift 160 Standing Aid

The MiniLift 160 Standing Aid is a mobile sit-to-stand device that offers a completely unique and comfortable experience when it comes to helping patients up from a seated position. It has been developed to engage the user into natural pattern of movement as they stand, lifting them as gently as possible, while engaging the muscles in their legs.

The lift comes with either electrical (EE) or manual (EM) base widening, and combined with the appropriate lifting accessories, the user gets support at their feet, legs and back to provide a safe and secure standing procedure.

Features and Benefits of the MiniLift 160 Standing Aid
Available with manual or electrical base widening
Small, convenient and easy to manoeuvre
Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control
Grip-friendly handles with multiple options for hand placement
Soft, adjustable lower leg support
Low foot plate with anti-slip surface
Easy rolling, lockable and maintenance-free castors
High capacity battery with long service life
Control box features an electrical emergency stop
Completely Safe to Use
The low foot plate of the lift reduces the height and effort required for the patient to place their feet onto it, and the addition of the non-slip ensures that the risk of slipping or falling is greatly reduced.

The adjustable knee supports on the MiniLift 160 also provides excellent leg support, and features a simple-to-use hand control to ensure that lifting is conducted as gently, smoothly and quietly as possible.

Rehabilitation Aid
The MiniLift 160 is the perfect rehabilitation device for those with impaired balance or weakened leg muscles. Its construction safely and comfortably moves the user forwards and upwards in a natural movement pattern, while simultaneously ensuring that their balance and leg muscles are exercised and strengthened.

Different Models and Accessories
The MiniLift 160 is available to buy with either an electrical (MiniLift160EE) or a manual (MiniLift160EM) base widening feature, depending on what is best suited for the care situation.

In order to create optimal solutions for users with different needs, the lift can be used alongside other accessories to enable a safe lift, such as the ThoraxSling, a specially adapted sit-to-stand vest, and the CalfStrap, for additional leg support.

Specifications of the MiniLift 160 Standing Aid
Weight: 40.5kg
Material: Powder-coated steel
Diameter of castors: 100mm
Lifting speed without load: 35mm/s
Maximum user weight: 125kg
Recommended user height: 140 - 200cm
Emergency lowering: Manual and electrical