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Moen Bedside Commode
The Moen Bedside Commode enables the use of a commode with the stress of having to travel a distance to the bathroom. It has been designed to provide spacious comfort, and combines support and stability for optimal user safety.

Key Features
Bedside commode for convenient use outside of a bathroom environment
Spacious seat base provides user with added support
Wide platform offers enhanced comfort during use
Handles with rubber grips for easier lowering to and rising from the commode
Anti-slip rubber feet keep the seat secure to prevent unwanted movement
Innovatively designed legs offer superior stability for improved safety
Splash-free container features a handle and lid for easier use
Unrestricted sides and elongated opening for accessibility and space
Indications of the Bedside Commode
As the Moen Bedside Commode is designed for optimal use away from a bathroom environment, it is an ideal option for anybody requiring the use of a commode but who struggles to reach the bathroom. With an adjustable height of between 405 and 560mm, it can be adjusted to suit most users.

Whether the bathroom is on a floor accessible only by stairs that prove restrictive, or if mobility is reduced and movements are slowed, installing the Bedside Commode in a bedroom or similar setting will ensure that it can be accessed more easily. Not only will this reduce the strain of reaching the commode, but it can also help restore independence where assistance would otherwise be required.

Improved Safety
The Bedside Commode ensures that the safety of the user is kept in mind. It features anti-slip rubber feet to prevent the seat from sliding away whenever pressure is applied. The innovative design of the legs also helps to improve safety by providing enhanced stability.

As the handles include rubber grips, they can be held onto for added support, helping to ease the lowering to and rising form the commode. They can also be held onto while the commode is in use for support with stability while seated.

Unrestricted Access
The spacious seat base and wide platform provide users with a more comfortable and supportive seat. As the sides of the seat are unrestricted, it can be more easily accessed, making it ideal for anybody with limited or reduced mobility, or for those with injured limbs.

The elongated opening of the seat also provides further space, making the commode both easier to access and more comfortable to use.

Removable Container
The Moen Bedside Commode includes a splash-free container. This helps to keep the general area surrounding the commode, as well as the seat itself, more hygienic. It features a handle and lid to ensure that the container can be safely transported for emptying in between use.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 6.25kg
Maximum user weight: 181kg (28.5 stone)
Leg dimensions (WxD): 550 x 635mm (21.5 x 25")
Seat size: 533 x 470mm (21 x 18.5")
Aperture size: 310 x 210mm (12.25 x 19.5")
Adjustable height: 405 - 560mm (16 - 22")