Molnlycke Sectio SET - 10 Pack

Molnlycke Sectio SET - 10 Pack


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Molnlycke Sectio SET - 10

Integrated fluid collection pouch for effective fluid management. Three dimensional design for improved coverage. Soft foam on the pouch edge for stability and optimal handling of fluids. Integrated stretchable adhesive for secure attachment. 100% impermeable materials. Optimal folding for aseptic application and easy for one person to drape.
The set includes:
4 x cellulose towels (18 x 25cm)
1 x op-tape (9 x 49cm)
1 x baby wrap (90 x 120cm)
1 x section drape (175/250 x 300cm; incise area 38 x 32 cm, aperture 18 x 16cm)
1 x table cover (75 x 190cm absorbant)

Product Code Dimensions Sterile Pack Size
OVMK694140 See product details Y 10