MoVeS Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeve

MoVeS Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeve


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MoVeS Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeve

After injury to your muscles and ligaments, hot and cold therapies provide the best immediate care strategy to reduce healing time and improve recovery. The MoVeS Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeve has been developed to deliver the highest quality of hot and cold therapy, gently rolling on to the affected area to ensure full coverage and the most effective relief possible. Simply cooling in the freezer or heating in hot water or the microwave, this sleeve makes providing hot and cold therapy simple.

Features and Benefits

  • Rolls onto the limb to provide full coverage
  • Delivers effective hot and cold therapies
  • Designed for use with the included compression sleeve
  • Stays in place hands-free with gentle compression
  • Provides 360° coverage to deliver therapy deep into tissues
  • Medical-grade materials stay ultra-soft when chilled
  • Moulds easily to the shape of limbs at any temperature
  • Available in a number of sizes to suit multiple areas
  • Patented strapless secure design for easy therapy

Provides 100% Coverage

The sleeve enables you to provide 100% coverage to your injuries, giving you an unparalleled level of hot and cold therapy. Gently rolling on to ensure the affected area is covered entirely, the sleeve will then stay in place on the included compression sleeve, providing hot or cold therapy deep into your soft tissues.

MoVeS - Torex Rebranded

You may be here for Torex, the hot/cold therapy sleeve. Well don't worry as your favourite product hasn't vanished, the branding has simply changed to MoVeS instead. You still get the same cold therapy, comfort and ease-of-use as you do with Torex.

Sleeve Indications

The sleeves are available in several different sizes, to match different parts of the body and different conditions. These are:

  • Finger size - suitable for:
    • Sprained fingers
    • Swollen fingers
    • Post-surgery
  • Small size - suitable for:
    • Sprained wrists
    • Injured hands
    • Swollen hands
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Sore upper foot
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tennis elbow
  • Medium size - suitable for:
    • Sore feet
    • Swollen feet
    • Plantar fasciitis
    • Tennis elbow
    • Sore elbow
  • Large size - suitable for:
    • Sore, overworked knees
    • Swollen knees
    • Post-surgery knees
    • Torn knee ligaments
  • Extra Large size - suitable for:
    • Pulled thigh muscles
    • Pulled hamstrings
    • Sore upper leg muscle
    • Large knees