MPPL Pager for the Home Care Alarm System

MPPL Pager for the Home Care Alarm System


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MPPL Pager for the Home Care Alarm System

The MPPL Pager for the Home Care Alarm System is used as an addition to a wide range of Medpage and EasyLink transmitters. You can add up to eight transmitters to one pager, enabling you to monitor up to eight patients or residents at any one time.

What's Included?
1 x MPPL Pager
Please note that, in order for this pager to work, a transmitter is required. It is compatible with all Medpage and EasyLink transmitters.

Who Can Use the MPPL Pager?
When used alongside a compatible transmitter, the MPPL Pager is ideal for many care situations, both at home and in professional care. If you monitor an individual who is prone to wandering, getting out of bed, or leaving a chair unassisted, then this pager can help to ensure that you can offer them the assistance they require when it is needed most.

How Does the Pager Work?
The MPPL Pager is connected to a transmitter (sold separately). When a sensor sends an alert to the transmitter, the transmitter then sends an alert to the page to inform you of the situation.

How Are Alerts Received?
The alerts are received through the pager with either an audible alarm or a vibration. The volume of the beeper alert can be adjusted as required, and the vibration mode is ideal for silent operation at night.

Will the MPPL Pager Work in My House?
For certain properties, such as older houses with thicker walls, you may find that the range of your MPPL device is reduced. To counter this, we recommend using the MPPL Pager Alarms Signal Repeater and Booster, which can be used to expand the operating range of your product.

Technical Specifications
Pager Dimensions (WxHxD): 6 x 9 x 3.5cm
Frequency of the pager: 433.92 MHz
Operating range: 100 metres
Volume: 70 - 85dB