Mucus Extractor

Mucus Extractor


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Mucus Extractor

8Fr x 40cm disposable valve catheter

Catheter vesical straight nelaton type pvc xro 40cm long 8Fr

Product Summary

Sample collection device for aspiration of mucus congesting the upper airways of the newborn or for suctioning tracheal / bronchial secretions (of newborns, children and adults) which will be analysed in laboratory.

Product Components

The mucus extractors include:
1 container (capacity 25 ml), with graduations from 0 to 25 ml for all models except code 534.20 (capacity 70 ml) with graduations from 0 to 70 ml.
1 tracheal suction tube

Note 1: The paediatric mucus extractors code 534.10 and 534.101 are supplied with 2 suction catheters: a 10 Fr suction catheter connected to the container and an additional 6 Fr catheter to replace the 10 Fr one if suction is carried out on a low-weight baby.

Note 2: The mucus extractor code 534.91 is supplied without suction catheter. Instead of the suction catheter, this mucus extractor is fitted with a conical connector (on a 11 cm long tubing) which allows the user to adapt suction catheters of different sizes.
1 PVC extension tube with small or large funnel (see technical features p. 3) to connect the mucus extractor to the suction source.
1 separate lid for safe sealing and transport of the aspirate
1 label

Technical Information

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 15

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: No

Sterile Medical Device: Yes