Namelets ID Bracelets Write-On Style [Pack of 100]

Namelets ID Bracelets Write-On Style [Pack of 100]


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Namelets ID Bracelets Write-On Style [Pack of 100]

Namelets patient identification bands provide an established method of secure and safe patient identification for any healthcare environment. Easy to use, Namelets are made from a high quality medical grade polymer that is free from natural rubber latex. This material is also soft and conformable with no sharp edges, minimising the risk of discomfort during wear.

The write-on version has a special scratch resistant panel that can be written on using any normal ballpoint pen. Special pens are not required. The information remains intact through washing or bathing, securely maintaining integrity of the data. It is compatible with most electronic tagging systems.

The band is fastened using strong plastic stud closures. Namelets are designed to prevent re-use or transfer between patients. If the band is stretched for removal it becomes visibly deformed, identifying that the patient has tried to remove it. This ensures that patients are identified correctly as it alerts staff to re-confirm all personal details if they see the band is stretched. For safety, bands will also break naturally if sufficient force is applied, to prevent injury to the patient if the band inadvertently becomes entangled. Bands should be cut with scissors when removal is required.

Strong plastic stud closure

Cannot be transferred or re-used without being visually detected
Once written on, information remains intact
Band breaks safely in extremis
Fastening studs are firmly secured and cannot fall out
Accepts most electronic tagging systems
Soft, conformable medical grade polymer for maximum comfort
No sharp edges to damage delicate skin
Suitable for any patients