Nesting Training Steps

Nesting Training Steps


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Nesting Training Steps

These Nesting Training Steps are a series of four wooden stools to aid in body mechanics and posture training. They can be used in a standing position, at a desk, or during seated mat activities, and come complete with non-slip rubber surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

Improving Balance and Body Mechanics

The Nesting Training Steps are individual steps of varying sizes that can be nested or stacked together for ease of storage where space is at a premium. They are perfect for stepping, climbing and crawling activities for all ages to improve balance and body mechanics in physical therapy.

Good Quality Steps for Physical Therapy

These Nesting Steps are made from a good quality plywood, and can help to stretch and contract leg muscles, while also working the heart and muscles through anaerobic exercise. The steps are easily wiped clean for infection control and can withstand a weight of up to 180kg (28st), making them a good addition to any clinic, gym or training facility.