Neurothesiometer for Assessing Vibration Sensitivity

Neurothesiometer for Assessing Vibration Sensitivity


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Neurothesiometer for Assessing Vibration Sensitivity

The Neurothesiometer for Assessing Vibration Sensitivity is a high-quality diagnostic instrument that enables healthcare practitioners to assess vibration sensitivity thresholds at any selected site on the surface of the body. The device is conveniently packed and incredibly easy to use, and offers highly accurate results.

Key Features of the Neurothesiometer
Enables assessing vibration sensitivity thresholds
Rechargeable and battery operated
Small and compact, easily portable
Includes a digital display
Offers range expansion for greater accuracy
Who Can Use the Neurothesiometer?
The Neurothesiometer is used for determining vibration sensitivity threshold at any desired site on the body surface. Skin sensitivity naturally decreases with age, yet there are some medical conditions that can be related to deterioration.

The Neurothesiometer is therefore suitable for:

Monitoring the progress of peripheral neuropathy, associated with diabetes
Observing the reduction of vibration sensitivity in connection with other diseases
Routine recordings of threshold sensitivity during chiropody leading to early diagnosis of disease or to susceptibility to conditions such as ulcers
Portable and Easy to Use
The Neurothesiometer only weighs 3.25kg, is entirely battery operated, and packed in a convenient case, which makes it perfect to take anywhere you might need it.

Its clear-to-read digital display and range expansion make its use incredibly easy.