Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Therapy Mask

Non-Rebreathing Oxygen Therapy Mask


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Non-rebreather mask

The Non-Rebreathing Mask provides a high concentration of oxygen and the reservoir bag allows for adequate oxygen to be available to meet the unpredicted patient’s breathing pattern and tidal volume. It is mainly recommended for Paramedic and Accident & Emergency departments. To ensure patient safety the mask is now totally Latex Free. Also known as a "Trauma Mask" by some organisations. 


  • Delivery of 99% to 100% Oxygen Concentration
  • High Concentration at a Flow Rate of 15
  • Flexible Plastic Mask with Elastic Head Strap 
  • Incorporated Oxygen Resevior Bag 
  • Oxygen Tubing Supplied
  • Pre-Connected Latex Free 
  • Single

This Non-Rebreathing Mask is available in adult or paediatric, please specify when ordering.