Nutrisafe2 Silicone Feeding Tube - Box of 10

Nutrisafe2 Silicone Feeding Tube - Box of 10


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Nutrisafe2 Silicone Feeding Tube - Box of 10

Silicone nasogastric feeding tube and two lateral eyes

lateral eyes, silicone, x-ray opaque nasogastric feeding tube for Nutrisafe2.

Product Summary

    Silicone gastro-duodenal feeding tube for enteral nutrition of neonates, infants and children, radiopaque with closed end and 2 lateral eyes, 125 cm long.
    Markings every centimetre from 5 to 70 cm.
    The proximal connector features a purple colour coding to enable instant identification of an enteral line.
    Colour-coded obturator (according to the diameter of the tube)

    Because of its specific dimensions, connecting Nutrisafe 2 to a standard 6% LUER fitting is not possible. Consequently, accidental misconnections between parenteral drugs / solutions and enteral drugs / solutions (particularly in stress situations) are avoided and the right administration route is respected.
    Nutrisafe 2 silicone catheters are also available in length of 50 cm (code 2331) : see corresponding technical file.
    Duration of use: up to 5 / 6 weeks (but there is no expert consensus on this point).

    Technical Info

    EUOI Units: Box


    Contains Latex: No