Omron 907 Professional BP Monitor with 3 x Cuff Sizes

Omron 907 Professional BP Monitor with 3 x Cuff Sizes


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Omron 907 Professional BP Monitor with 3 x Cuff Sizes

  • Omron 907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor & Cuff Kit

    SaveÊ£37.49ÊOver Buying Separately

    The Omron 907 Professional has been designed for clinical settings where more control is required. The Omron 907 features bothÊautomatic and manual modes, enabling accurate blood pressure measurement even in patients with conditions such as severe arrhythmia, which prevent the use of other automatic blood pressure monitors.

    AnÊadvanced averaging modeÊautomatically takes three readings within ten minutes to give an accurate reading with less chance for error. This allows the clinician to continue their assessment while the monitor is working, also helping to alleviate whitecoat tension.

    Included are both rechargeable batteries and an AC adaptor for improved versatility. AÊmobile stand is also availableÊfor the Omron 907, enabling it to be easily moved around a practice or hospital.

    To further reduce the effects of white coat hypertension, the Omron 907 has aÊhide functionÊthat stops the current blood pressure being displayed. Results are recorded as with normal the normal display mode.

    A built-inÊcheck functionÊallows the blood pressure monitor to be compared with another device for accuracy of readings.

    Product Add-Ons:

    Omron 907 Kit Features:

    • Clinically ValidatedÊÐ By the British Hypertension Society
    • Three Cuff SizesÊÐ Kit includes Small (17-22cm), Medium (22-32cm) and Large (32-42cm) cuffs, saving £37.49 over buying separately
    • Automatic & Manual ModesÊÐ For patients with conditions that preclude the use of other automatic BPMs
    • Advanced Averaging ModeÊÐ Takes 3 readings in 10 minutes for an accurate average blood pressure reading
    • Battery Or Wall-PoweredÊÐ For enhanced versatility
    • Mobile Stand AvailableÊÐ Enables the device to be presented properly in a clinical setting
    • Check FunctionÊÐ The 907 can be compared against another device to check accuracy
    • Hide FunctionÊÐ Hides the current reading to help alleviate white coat tension
    • Quiet OperationÊÐ Perfectly suited for 24-hour use in hospital wards
    • IntelliSense TechnologyÊÐ Improves patient comfort by inflating the cuff only as much as necessary to take a reading

    Box Contents:

    • 1 x HEM-907 Omron 907 Professonal Blood Pressure Monitor
    • 1 x NiMH Rechargeable Battery
    • 1 x Omron 17-22cm (7"-9") Small Blood Pressure Cuff
    • 1 x Omron 22-32cm (9"-13") Medium Blood Pressure Cuff
    • 1 x Omron 32-42cm (13"-16.5") Large Blood Pressure Cuff
    • 1 x AC Adaptor
    • Instruction Manual