Orbital Transfer Platform
Orbital Transfer Platform
Orbital Transfer Platform
Orbital Transfer Platform

Orbital Transfer Platform


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Orbital Transfer Platform

For carers of patients with mobility issues, helping these patients in and out of seats all day can become a strain, and can represent a risk of injury both for the carer and the patient. The Orbital Transfer Platform is designed to alleviate these issues, and make transferring to different seating positions more comfortable for the carer, and safer for the patient. Perfect for any patient who is weight bearing with good upper body strength, this platform pivots to make transferring from seat to seat easier and less dangerous than ever.

Ergonomically Correct

The Orbital Transfer Platform was made with both the patient and the carer in mind, to make both of their lives easier. This platform reduces strain on the carer, by providing them with an ergonomically correct working position, to lessen the back and joint pain often associated with supporting patients from dangerous or uncomfortable positions. 

Easy Transfer Between Seats

This orbital transfer platform makes patient transfer from seat to seat both quick and simple, pivoting between sitting surfaces with ease. Turning is controlled and safe, as the platform is fitted with an accessible, hand operated locking device which enables the platform to turn and lock in 5 separate positions, to enhance positioning ability, and to maintain a constant turning speed for ensured control. Keep in mind, this platform is for changing seats only, and not for patient transport.

Peace of Mind for Patient

Patients will appreciate this device as much as carers, with the handle bar designed to surround them for increased support, and an added sense of security. Featuring multiple handholds with soft touch, latex free rubber grips, the patient will always feel both comfortable and supported. Adding an extra layer of peace of mind for the patient, a non-slip footplate offers secure footholds for the user, to ensure there are no accidents during transfer. 

Sturdy and Reliable

Manufactured from sturdy, high tensile steel, the user can feel assured that this unit will stay working at its fullest capacity for as long as they need it to, and the peel proof powder coating will make sure that it stays looking at its professional best long into its use. Additionally, since this orbital transfer platform is fitted with 2 x 10cm raised rubber castors, this platform is very manoeuvrable, and with 3 side struts, secure, anti-tip operation is ensured. 

Key Features

  • Perfect for patient transfer from one seated position to another
  • Suitable for patients with good upper body strength
  • Pivots between sitting surfaces
  • Ergonomic design for correct carer working position
  • Handlebar surrounds patient for sense of security
  • Multiple soft, latex free rubber grips for flexible, comfortable support
  • Made from high tensile steel
  • Peel-proof powder coating for longevity
  • 2 x 10cm raised rubber castors for manoeuvrability
  • 3 side struts to ensure secure, anti tip operation
  • Locking device that can turn and lock in 5 positions for positioning
  • Non-slip footplate for secure foothold
  • Smooth, wipe-clean surfaces