Padded Toilet Seat Reducer

Padded Toilet Seat Reducer


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Padded Toilet Seat Reducer



Padded Toilet Seat Reducer
The Padded Toilet Seat Reducer is designed to be placed on toilet seats to reduce the risk of sliding. It can be easily cleaned for hygiene control, and is suitable for most standard and elongated seats.

Indications of the Toilet Seat Reducer
The Padded Toilet Seat Reducer is ideal for anybody looking for a little extra support when using the loo. The contoured seat has a lifted back to prevent the risk of the user sliding around.

The splash guard will also benefit individuals looking for improved control with urination, as it deflects it into the toilet bowl.

Improved Hygiene
Using the Toilet Seat Reducer can improve hygiene both for the toilet seat and the surrounding area. The use of the splash guard will deter any unwanted splashes, and the Seat Reducer itself can be wiped down when not in use. The vinyl-covered Reducer is easy to clean to ensure that optimal levels of cleanliness can be maintained at all times.

Toilet Seat Compatibility
To ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from the benefits of the Padded Toilet Seat Reducer, it has been designed to be suitable for use with most standard and elongated toilet seats. Whether required as extra support or as an approach to improving stability during toileting, it is an ideal solution that is compatible with most toilets.

Technical Information
Inner bowl diameter: 170 x 190mm (6.5 x 7.5)
Overall diameter: 370 x 390mm (14.5 x 15.5)