Pedag Boot Shaper Shoe Tree

Pedag Boot Shaper Shoe Tree


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Pedag Boot Shaper Shoe Tree

The Pedag Boot Shaper Shoe Tree provides an easy solution to wrinkles and difficulties storing your favourite pair of boots. Designed to keep footwear looking smart and always ready to wear, the boot tree gently smooths creases to ensure you can step out looking your best.

How Does the Shoe Tree Work?
Storing your boots so they are not on top of each other or yourself can be difficult, particularly if you own a few pairs as they can flop to the side and easily become creased.

Designed to not only help you store your favourite pair of boots but to keep them in top condition too, the Pedag Boot Shaper is at hand to iron out any wrinkles. The tree is a simple way to ensure your shoes look brand new, even after several wears.

A Perfect Fit
As well as helping the boots retain their shape, the boot tree allows for easy cleaning, drying and storage. Equipped with a special extending mechanism, the lightweight shaper adapts to your boot for the perfect fit in any type of boot.

Helping to improve air circulation to keep your boots fresh during storage, the shoe tree can be either stood, laid flat or, alternatively, hung up to keep your boots as smart as you are.

Key Features

Suitable for all types of boots
Use to clean, dry and store boots
Store boots lying, standing or hanging
Improves air circulation during storage to keep boots fresh
Special extending mechanism adapts to shape of your boots
Gently smoothes creases
Light and easily movable
Length: 35cm
How to Use the Pedag Boot Shaper Tree
The Boot Shaper is really easy to use. Simply follow the below steps:

Squeeze the handle of the boot tree and slide it into the leg of the boot
Let go of the handle to allow the boot shaper to expand
Stand boots up or hang using the handle