Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer

Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer


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Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer

Cycling can be one of the best ways to get fit. However, for some people bicycles can be a bit beyond their budgets, or even their current fitness. Others might prefer the more constant feel of cycling machines to the varied difficulties they might experience on bikes, but can’t afford the outlay, or just don’t have the space.

The Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer is an economical and compact home pedal exerciser, which offers the benefits of a cycling machine or bicycle without the expense. The added pedometer allows the user to check his/her progress.

Who Can Use the Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer?

For people who want to rehab injuries or get back to a minimum level of fitness before getting on a bicycle, this is an excellent solution. With the pedometer, a user can measure progress and adjust accordingly. It’s also good for people with limited budgets who would like to cycle but just can’t afford it yet.

Where Can the Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer Be Used?

Designed to be easily stored, whether under a bed, under a bed, or in a cupboard, the Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer is a good choice for home exercise. Its construction means it can be placed in front of a chair or stool to recreate bicycling position and posture.

Features of the Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer

Made from an easy-assembly/disassembly steel frame with non-slip tips, the Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer is extremely durable and robust for repeated and regular use.

It features a pedal resistance adjuster screw to enable the user to increase or decrease the difficulty of exercise. Combined with the pedometer, a user can formulate a structured rehabilitation programme to ensure best results.

Benefits of the Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer

The Pedal Exerciser with Pedometer is designed to be easily placed to either be pedalled by the legs or arms. This helps restore muscle strength, circulation and co-ordination to either the lower and upper extremities.