Physioworx Roller Ball Massager

Physioworx Roller Ball Massager


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Physioworx Roller Ball Massager

The Physioworx Roller Ball Massager can help relieve tension, stimulate blood circulation and can make the patient feel more relaxed.

The Physioworx Roller Ball Massager is highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points. 

The Physioworx Roller Ball Massager can help relieve stress and stiffness and can also be used for reflexology.

This Roller Ball Massager is either available as a two ball roller or a three ball roller. 

Features and Benefits of the Physioworx Roller Ball Massager

  • Highly effective in the treatment of muscle pain 
  • Can help relieve stress and stiffness 
  • Helps stimulate blood circulation
  • Can also be used for reflexology

Dimensions of the physioworx Roller Ball Massager

2 Ball Roller Massager (6cm x 36cm)
3 Ball Roller Massager (6cm x 42cm)