POCSAG Long-Range Multi-Function Transmitter

POCSAG Long-Range Multi-Function Transmitter


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POCSAG Long-Range Multi-Function Transmitter

Suitable for use with the Medpage POCSAG range of care alarm pagers, the POCSAG Long-Range Multi-Function Transmitter is ideal for use in professional care environments. It allows you to program your alarms with clear text messages, ensuring that you know where the problem is occurring.

What's Included?
1 x POCSAG Transmitter
2 x AAA Batteries
In order to use this product as part of a full alarm kit you will need a POCSAG Pager, as well as one of the following sensors:

Bed Sensor Mat, suitable for making you aware when someone leaves bed
Chair Sensor Mat, suitable for making you aware when someone leaves a chair
Easy Press Jelly Switch, suitable for use as a panic alarm for someone with communication issues
Soft Touch Panic Alarm Button, soft panic alarm, ideally suited to people with low levels of mobility/dexterity
Who Can Use the POCSAG Transmitter?
The POCSAG system is ideal for whether you're caring for an individual or multiple residents in a care home envirnment. The ability to connect it to a range of pagers allows it to meet your own individual requirements in a wide range of situations.

How Does the POCSAG Multi-Function Transitter Work?
The transmitter sends a text messages to your pager, allowing you to identify the source of the alarm. For example, you might have a person that is at risk of wandering out of a front or back door, and you can customise the alarm to say "Front Door" or "Back Door" depending on which alarm is triggered. This allows you to react more quickly to any danger and helps to ensure that the person in your care is as safe as possible.

What Is the Transmitter Range?
The transmitter can send a message to a pager from up to 400 metres. Please note that this works best when there are as few obstacles between the transmitter and pager as possible.

How Are Messages Received?
Messages are sent from the POCSAG transmitter to the POCSAG pager (sold separately here). Messages are received in text format, with pre-programmed operation models for the door sensor alarm, floor pressure mat, and bed or chair occupancy sensor. It is also possible to programme in custom messages; please contact our Customer Care team for more information about this before purchasing.

Which Jack Sockets Are Present?
There are two jack sockets present on the transmitter: one 2.5mm socket and one 3.5mm socket. This increases versatility of the transmitter, allowing you to use it in a range of situations.

How Is the Transmitter Powered?
The POCSAG transmitter requires 2 x AAA batteries. These are supplied with your purchase.

How Long Do the Batteries Last?
On average, you can expect 2 x AAA batteries to last around one year. However, this may vary depending on usage.

Technical Specifications
Input Sockets: 2.5mm and 3.5mm
Trigger Mode: N/O or N/C
FSK Transmission: 433.92MHz @ 10mW
Power: 2 x AAA batteries
Overall Dimensions (LxWxD): 145 x 40 x 22mm
Please Note: Any custom text messages must be programmed prior to delivery. If you would like a customised message for any of your POCSAG products, please speak to our Customer Care team prior to making an order.