Pod Technical Classicpod Micro Stethoscope Case for Littmann Classic Stethoscopes - Carbon

Pod Technical Classicpod Micro Stethoscope Case for Littmann Classic Stethoscopes - Carbon


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Pod Technical Classicpod Micro Stethoscope Case for Littmann Classic Stethoscopes - Carbon

classicpod™ micro

A quality stethoscope can last a lifetime. Give it the protection it deserves! Pod Technical stethoscope cases have been designed to offer the maximum protection for your stethoscope whilst remaining lightweight and stylish. The outer cases are covered in highly durable 1680D nylon, whilst the strong double zipper is nylon coated to offer maximum dust protection for your scope during transportation. Inside the fully lined inner there is a perfectly fitting preformed insert to hold it in place during transit, plus a mesh pocket for extra storage.


  • The world's best Littmann stethoscope storage solution
  • All new patented design
  • Refined from user feedback and industry expert experience
  • Tough and lightweight EVA construction
  • Strong protective outer shell covered in 1680D ballistic grade nylon for maximum durability
  • Fully lined and easily cleaned inner
  • Pre-formed moulded interior keeps your scope held snugly in place during transit
  • Protected zipper to keep out dust
  • Rubber easy-grip zip pulls for easy opening and closing
  • Interior mesh pocket for additional ancillary storage
  • Interior mould is removable for flexible usage
  • Carry handle for easy transportation
  • Recess on top to fix Littmann ID tag plate (sold separately)
  • Dimensions: 28cm x 14.5cm x 4cm

Why choose Pod Technical?
When we started Pod Technical, there were very few stethoscope cases on the market, and certainly nothing that we felt was a good enough product for the task of protecting the investment a medical professional makes into a quality stethoscope. Since we introduced our original classicpod and cardiopod solutions many other sellers have tried to capitalise on our success by producing cheap imitations of our cases or alternative designs that show no thought or knowledge of the requirements.

Why a shaped interior?
Our original cases were designed to mimic the optimum form for holding the stethoscope in transit that is used in Littmann's own product boxes. The foam inserts that hold a Littmann scope in place in their original packaging show the tubing held in a relaxed curve, and a much larger box for double-lumen tubing scopes of cardiology grade or higher. This is key to avoid damage and stress to the binaural during transit and storage. Whilst our original cases were designed to meet this standard (and are still in our opinion the best designed cases up to this point) we still felt we could improve upon them. With a wealth of feedback from our customers we were able to focus on creating a solution that is even more efficient and effective than before.

Why the new design?
The classicpod micro takes the shaped insert of our original classicpod case and utilises our patented cross-over bridge solution to hold the stethoscope perfectly in position in an even smaller form factor. Why use a formed interior at all when you can buy a cheaper 'stethoscope case' that is essentially just an empty box? For the same reason that Littmann doesn't ship the stethoscopes loose in an empty box. The chestpiece and headset of the stethoscope are metal. The tubing is rubber. As you can imagine, the constant friction of one against the other will cause damage over time. Additionally, forcing the tubing into tight curves in a small box causes stress on the tubing leaving kinks and ultimately damaging it. Our preformed case holds the stethoscope in a stress-free position and separates the metal parts from the tubing. We have used cutting edge 3D scanning and 3D printing to prototype and revise our case dozens of times over until we got it just right. Then we have the materials - our imitators will sell knock-off cases with thin, flimsy materials that crush, snag and break. Our 1680D nylon outer is luggage grade, the padding is thick and firm, and the interior is engineered to add extra structural strength throughout. Our zips have been upgraded to be smooth-pulling, strong and to protect the seam from dust. The mesh ancillary pouch inside was chosen from a selection of sample fabrics to be silky soft as well as strong in order to avoid any rubbing against the stethoscope itself. The compact size of the classicpod micro is only suitable for single-lumen, 'Classic' range Littmann scopes. Double-lumen 'Cardiology' range scopes will not fit safely - please see our brand new patented Cardiopod II case for these.

We have included subtle recesses in the lid of the case to show which way up it goes and also to allow the optional affixing of a 3M Littmann identity tag plate (not included).