Power-Web Junior Hand Exerciser

Power-Web Junior Hand Exerciser


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Power-Web Junior Hand Exerciser

The Power-Web Junior Hand Exerciser is specifically designed to be used by children, to exercise the forearm, wrist, fingers, thumb and foot, but is also great for intrinsic muscle training.

Designed for Exercise

The Power-Web Junior's unique, patented design enables you to carry out a wide variety of different exercises to be performed with comfort and effectiveness. The high-quality rubber material is reinforced with special agents to ensure it lasts for years.

Different Resistance Levels

The Power-Web Junior comes in three different resistance levels to match your current hand strength level and your ideal hand strength level. Each resistance level is colour coded for easy identification. The three resistance levels are:

  • Light - Yellow
  • Medium - Red
  • Heavy- Green

The Power-Web Junior Hand Exerciser also comes with an instruction manual which features 39 different exercises.

Size of the Power-Web Junior Hand Exerciser

The size dimensions of the Power-Web Junior are:

  • Diameter: 18cm
  • Weight: 225g