Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser

Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser


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Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser

The Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser can be used to exercise the forearm, wrist, fingers, thumb and foot, but is also great for intrinsic muscle training.

Designed for Exercise

The Power-Web's unique, patented design enables you to carry out a wide variety of different exercises to be performed with comfort and effectiveness. The high-quality rubber material is reinforced with special agents to ensure it lasts for years.

Different Resistance Levels

The Power-Web comes in six different resistance levels to match your current hand strength level and your ideal hand strength level. Each resistance level is colour coded for easy identification. The resistance levels;

  • Ultra Light - Tan
  • Light - Yellow
  • Medium - Red
  • Heavy- Green
  • Super Heavy - Blue
  • Ultra Heavy - Black

The Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser also comes with an instruction manual which features 39 different exercises.

Which Colour Do I Need?

Each colour represents a different resistance level. To choose the size for you, we would recommend sticking to the guidelines below:

  • Tan (Ultra Light): for beginners, stroke patients, persons with serious hand injuries, establishing range of motion
  • Yellow (Light): for children, geriatrics, beginning strength programs, athritics, carpel tunnel
  • Red (Medium): the most popular for all around use strengthening, flexibility, injury rehabilitation, sports, fitness
  • Green (Heavy): for more advanced rehabilitation, strengthening, sports, fitness, injury prevention
  • Blue (Super Heavy): for sports strengthening for all major sports - for those that want to build real strength, very popular for pro sports training
  • Black (Ultra Heavy): a real challenge for advanced strengthening, used where hand strength is vital - such as karate, weight lifters, golf, baseball, football

Size of the Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser

The size dimensions of the Power-Web Senior Hand Exerciser are:

  • Diameter: 36cm
  • Weight: 450g