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A 1Fr PICC line designed specially for newborns under 1kg

Premicath® has been designed specially for use with very low birth weight babies under 1kg who require the smallest of catheters. Easy to use, Premicath® allows increased puncture accuracy and reduces vessel trauma, providing greater comfort for your tiny patients.

Product Summary

    Product features:

    • Small, rounded and light neonatal clamp specially designed to prevent damage to fragile skin
    • X-ray opaque for accurate tip location without additional contrast medium
    • Integrated extension with small fixation wings give better catheter stabilisation
    • Black numerical markings every cm to easily check the length of the catheter inserted and aid accurate placement
    • Black marking at the tip for confirmation of full catheter removal
    • PUR material is firm during insertion but softens with body temperature, which minimises vessel trauma and enhances stay time