Prima Grab Bar in White 18 / 45cm

Prima Grab Bar in White 18 / 45cm


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Prima Grab Bar in White 18 / 45cm


Prima Grab Bar In White 18 / 45cm
Grab bars and grab rails are an incredibly useful addition to any environment. Grab rails can be positioned almost anywhere. They can make getting in and out of the bath easier, provide a helpful support when using steps or stairs, or steady you when rising or sitting down. A well-situated shower or toilet rail can make all the difference to safety and confidence around the home.

The Prima Grab Bars are high quality, tough, all plastic grab rails. They are purpose designed for the elderly and for disabled people, with a ribbed finish for extra grip. The grab bars are non-slip even when wet, and are always warm to the touch.

The grab rail grips are slightly oval. This ergonomically designed shape matches the natural human grip making them comfortable to use.

Installing Grab Bars
The Prima Grab Bars can be installed vertically or horizontally to ensure they are at the most helpful angle. They can be fitted on their own or as a combination of vertical or horizontal rails where appropriate for steadying or transfer.

Vertical Mounting - assists in pulling up to standing.
Horizontal Mounting - assists in pushing up and for general mobility.

Prima Grab Rails are made of robust materials and have strong fixing points because it is recognised that they are subject to some hefty pulls and sudden tugs, therefore it is essential that they are fitted competently, according to the instructions.

Please note that screws and rawl plugs are not supplied with the grab rails as there are a number of different surfaces that the grab rails can be fitted to, each requiring a different screw length and fittings.

Max user weight: up to 160kg (dependent upon surface attached to.)