Pro11 Adjustable Back Stretcher

Pro11 Adjustable Back Stretcher


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Pro11 Adjustable Back Stretcher

Improve your flexibility and relieve lower back tension with the Pro11 Adjustable Back Stretcher. This safe and effective back stretcher and massager is easily adjustable, enabling you to control the amount of stretch depending on your flexibility level.

Features and Benefits of the Adjustable Back Stretcher

  • Adjustable back stretcher
  • With massaging acupressure dots
  • Relieves pain and stiffness
  • Suitable for all levels of flexibility
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Supplied with a strapping belt
  • Includes instructional DVD

Relieve Back Pain

This back stretcher can help to relieve chronic back pain and minor back stiffness, as well as to soothe tired muscles. Thanks to its adjustable design, the Pro11 Back Stretcher is suitable for people of all shapes, sizes and flexibility levels.

Acupressure Dots

The Pro11 Stretcher has a row of acupressure dots down either side of its upper surface. These nodules provide a unique massaging sensation to help alleviate back tension and core stiffness. 

Lightweight and Portable

The Pro11 Back Stretcher is lightweight and portable for easy transportation. As a result, you can use it at home, take it with you to the office, pack it in your bag for your holiday, or even keep it in your car. 

Included with the Pro11 Adjustable Back Stretcher

The Adjustable Back Stretcher is provided with an instructional DVD to help you use the stretcher safely and effectively. A belt, for strapping the stretcher to a chair, is also included.

Note: For safety purposes, it is recommended that you watch the instructional DVD before using the Pro11 Adjustable Back Stretcher.