Pro11 Balance Trainer

Pro11 Balance Trainer


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Pro11 Balance Trainer

The Pro11 Balance Trainer is a challenging, fun and versatile training tool that can be used to tone, strengthen muscles, improve balance and stability, and enhance various workouts. This small and lightweight piece of equipment is ideal for use at home, and because it requires you to engage more muscles to balance, it can make cardio, weightlifting, Yoga and Pilates workouts more challenging and more effective.

About the Pro11 Balance Trainer

This training tool consists of an inflated rubber dome (effectively half a balance ball) that is attached to a rigid base. The dome can either be placed platform side up or down, so it can be used both as a balance ball or a wobble board. The Pro11 Balance Trainer is supplied with two elasticated resistance bands, so you can add resistance to various exercises.

How to Use the Balance Trainer

The Balance Trainer should be used on a flat and stable surface. Place it dome-side up and step, stand, sit, lie or bounce on it for cardio, lower-body training or core exercises. When placed dome-side down, it can be used for a variety of upper body exercises.

Improve Strength

Due to its instability, the balance trainer forces you to engage more muscles as you exercise, which burns more calories and builds strength. It is especially effective for strengthening core muscles, but can be used to work muscles in every part of the body.

Increase Stability and Balance

Good balance is important for daily activities, such as walking and using stairs, and can improve your sports performance. Due to its design, the Balance Trainer is never stable, so you constantly need to engage your muscles to remain on the dome or platform. This instability not only builds muscle strength, but also improves body awareness and balance because you need to be aware of your body positioning and movements at all times to remain on the dome.

Enhance Your Workout

The Balance Trainer can be used to enhance various exercises and mix up your workout routine to keep it fun and challenging. Use the Balance Trainer to push yourself further when stretching, use it to increase the difficulty of your cardio exercises, or add it to Yoga and Pilates workouts. The balance ball is also great for free weight training, as it forces you to engage your core muscles throughout each motion.