Pro11 Yoga Wheel

Pro11 Yoga Wheel


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Pro11 Yoga Wheel

The Pro11 Yoga Wheel is the ultimate piece of yoga equipment for stretching, strengthening, toning and furthering yoga practice. While designed specifically for yogis, this versatile tool can also be used by just about anyone to safely and effectively release muscle tension, build back and core strength, and tone muscles.

Get Deeper into Poses

The Yoga Wheel was originally designed to assist with back-bends, and it can enable you to move deeper into your back-bends than would otherwise be possible. The yoga wheel can also be used to assist you in many other postures, including bridge, camel, waterfall and puppy poses.

Relieve Tension

Sitting at a desk all day can lead to back pain and muscle tension. You can use a yoga wheel at the end of each day to get a deep massage along the entire length of your spine to safely release any muscle tension.

Stretch Further

Whether you're an experienced yogi or have never taken a yoga class in your life, you can use the Pro11 Yoga Wheel to assist you in your stretching routine. Use the yoga wheel to effectively stretch your entire front side body, including your hip flexors, abdomen, spine, chest and shoulders.

Strengthen and Tone

Use the Pro11 Yoga Wheel as an accessory for your workouts and stretches to build core and back strength and tone and sculpt your whole body. It can even be used to tone your hamstrings and enhance your balance.

Colour Options

The Yoga Wheel is available in three funky colours – black and pink; green and pink; and purple and green. Please select your colour preference from the drop-down menu above.