Protected Filter Set - Pack of 10

Protected Filter Set - Pack of 10


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Protected Filter Set  - Pack of 10


6 cm x 10 cm double lumen PUR needlefree extension set with non return valve and Bionector

Product Summary

Protect-a-set (code 836.02) and Octopus 2 (other codes) are polyurethane, transparent, supple with low dead space double-lumen extension tubes for IV catheters (peripheral or central venous) fitted with one or 2 Bionector.
To identify the different infusion lines, each line has a hub or a clamp of a different colour.
They allow to connect to the catheter several independant IV lines.

Used for peripheral cannula care, Octopus 2 has the following advantages:
Ð Eliminates the risk of access-associated needle-stick injury
Ð Reduces the risk of cannula movement in the vein causing mechanical vein irritation
Ð Negates the need to use the cannula injection port (non disinfectable), Bionector is disinfectable
Ð Eliminates the need to use a 3-way tap to run simultaneous compatible solutions
Ð Provides closed system (avoiding blood reflux) when accessing the catheter
Ð PUR material (no PVC, DEHP-free Ð no release of softeners)

Anti-return valves avoid reflux of fluids or drugs beyond the valve during multiple infusions.

Bionector can be disinfected with most of the antiseptic solutions (example: 70% alcohol). Avoid using antiseptic containing both alcohol and oxygenated water.
For more information about Bionector, please refer to technical file code 896.

Octopus with Bionector are also available with 1 lumen (code 5222.014), 3 lumen (codes 841.34/364-842.311/312/306), 4 lumen (code 842.414) and 5 lumen (code 842.514).

Technical Info

UOI Units: Box

UOI: 10

Contains Latex: No

Contains DEHP: No

Pyrogen Free: Yes

Sterile Medical Device: Yes