Protected Spiral Extension Line

Protected Spiral Extension Line


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Protected Spiral Extension Line

Protect-a-Spiral spiral coiled polyethylene lined PVC extension set

male/female luer lock spiral coiled polyethylene lined PVC extension set

Product Summary

3-layer extension tube, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm long with anti-siphon valve.
An extension tube with anti-siphon valve is recommended when administering a drug via a syringe pump to avoid syphonage / downloading. This occurs either by
Ð height differences if the syringe has been removed from the syringe pump before the end of the infusion or the infusion line is not clamped
Ð or by entrainment of air through a crack in the syringe or by an over/under-tightened connexion between the syringe and the extension line.

Technical Info

UOI Units:ÊBox


Contains Latex:ÊNo

Contains DEHP:ÊNo

Pyrogen Free:ÊYes

Sterile Medical Device:ÊYes