Provil Novo: Putty Fast (900ml)

Provil Novo: Putty Fast (900ml)


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Provil Novo: Putty Fast (900ml)

Provil Novo is a modular impression system that, due to its varying viscosities and setting times, is suited to all types of clinical situations.

Provil Novo is a material that belongs to the addition silicone family.

Improved cartridge system: separate base and catalyst outlet openings.

No risk of contamination between the 2 components.

Modular system: Ideally blendable consistencies
Suited to all types of clinic situations
Adapts to any work habits
Used for all impression techniques
High technical tolerance
Precise reproduction down to the slightest detail, even in a humid environment |
Lasting dimensional stability
Hydroactivity: excellent wettability; does not absorb water; disinfection possible in an aqueous environment; plaster model with smooth surfaces and no bubbles.
Putty (matter to be kneaded)
Putty Soft (matter to be kneaded)
Mono-phase (highly thixotropic)
Medium (thixotropic)
Light (very low viscosity)
Each viscosity comes in fast set or regular set.

Wash technique
Double mixing
Sandwich technique
Functional impression
Situation impression
Base - 450ml
Catalyst - 450ml