Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushion

Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushion


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Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushion


Standard pressure relief cushions will often fall short of protecting the coccyx, or tailbone, leading to pain or even pressure sores as a result. The Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushion is made with Top Grade 50 foam to provide excellent weight distribution, and features a concealed coccyx cut-out to completely relieve the area of pressure to relieve pain.

This cushion is available in either Black or Blue. Please choose your desired colour using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Ideal for Coccydynia (Tailbone Pain)
Coccydynia, or pain at the tailbone, is very common, and can be caused by anything from childbirth to a sedentary lifestyle. This pain can be difficult to treat once it occurs, and the best treatment is to ensure all seating surfaces completely relieve pressure on the coccyx area. The Sero Coccyx Cushion is designed to achieve this relief, as the cut-out in the coccyx area ensures no pressure will be placed on the tailbone when seated.

How Does the Putnams Sero Cushions Distribute Weight Evenly?
The secret behind the pressure relieving qualities of the Putnams Coccyx Cushion is the Top Grade 50 foam, which helps to spread the user's weight throughout the entire cushion. The foam creates a maximum contact surface area with the user, thereby eliminating 'hot spots' that could otherwise result in pain or even pressure sores over time.

Foam Pockets for Air Circulation
Friction, a major cause of pressure sore development, is made much worse when there is a lack of airflow throughout the cushion, as this can create a moist environment. The Sero Coccyx Cushion is designed with foam pockets across its surface, allowing a small amount of air to flow between the cushion and the user. This cools the user to reduce the sweat and moisture that can exacerbate pressure sore risk.

Who Should Use the Sero Pressure Relief Cushion?
This cushion is ideal for a variety of uses, including the relief of pain related to:

Coccyx injuries
Post back and spinal surgeru
Pilonidal sinus
Coccyx bruising
Protecting the tailbone against pressure sores
Post hip surgery
Damaged discs
What Else Can I Use the Cushion For?
Besides helping to treat and reduce pain related to the conditions mentioned above, this cushion is ideal for:

Sitting up in bed
Office work
Made in the UK
The Putnams Sero Cushion is proudly made in the UK. As such, it is supplied with a two-year warranty, ensuring you can enjoy this quality product with frequent use.

Is This Cushions Supplied with a Cover?
Yes, this cushion is supplied as standard with a black or blue stockinette cover to improve hygiene. This cushion features a zip seal and handle for convenience, and is hand washable. The cover should be air dried after washing.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (WxLxD): 41 x 42.5 x 7.5cm (16.25 x 16.75 x 3")
Guarantee for the Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushion
The Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Relief Cushion is supplied complete with a two-year warranty.

See the Cushion for Yourself
Watch the video below for short overview of the Putnams Sero Coccyx Pressure Care Cushion.